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Training Camp CK 2008's Kravare

Training Camp CK 2008's Kravare


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Czech Knights 08

The event has ended
18  cheers
31 will participate
Buly Aréna
Kostelní 360/28, 747 21 Kravaře-Kouty, Czechia


8450,- CZK

Account number: 115-3962000267/0100

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Date and time of the event

Monday 6. 7. 2020 on 08:00

End: Friday 10. 7. 2020 on 08:00


8450,- CZK

Account number: 115-3962000267/0100

Hot News

  • Sun, 05. 07. V 16:49  -

    Vážení rodiče, CHECKIN začíná v 18 hodin u vstupu v zadní části zimního stadionu. 

    Team 2010 - Šatna 4
    Team 2009 - Šatna 3
    Team 2008 - Šatna 6
    Team 2007 - Šatna 5
          Goalies - Šatna 7

  • Sun, 05. 07. V 16:47  -

    Vážení rodiče, CHECKIN v zadní části zimního stadionu. 
    Team 2008 - Šatna 6
           Goalies - Šatna 7

  • Sat, 04. 07. V 21:18  -

    Vážení účastníci CZECH KNIGHTS TRAINING CAMP v Kravařích! Již zítra je pro hráče v Buly Aréně k dispozici ubytování. V aplikaci pod odkazem ROOMING LIST najdete rozpis pokojů. Shlédněte i CAMP SCHEDULE! Těšíme se na Vás, tým Czech Knights

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Training camp will consist of 8 Sessions of on ice instruction, and with 10 Sessions of off-ice concentrating on teamwork, skill development, and conditioning.

Training camp is to provide the players the opportunity to work on their skating, passing, and shooting skills, along with developing their ice awareness and hockey IQ through small area games and scrimmage situations.

Pay within 48 hours of confirming the your application for the camp.

Account holder: Czech Knights, z.s.

Account number: 115-3962000267/0100

Bank: Komerční banka

Variable symbol: Year of Brith

Message for the payee: First Name and Last Name


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